Proses Aplikasi: Level A, B, dan C

Pemohon akan menyerahkan dokumen-dokumen berikut kepada CBII untuk mendapatkan tanda terima Aplikasi:

    • Formulir aplikasi; (FR-01);
    • Formulir Penilaian Diri; (FR-02);

Pemohon untuk Level A, B, C harus menyelesaikan Penilaian mandiri penuh (pengetahuan, keterampilan dan kemampuan) untuk semua elemen kompetensi (CE) di Level dan Domain yang diterapkan untuk

  • Dokumen gelar akademik;
  • Dokumen sertifikasi profesional.

CB in relation to Training : CBII ensures that training and certification activities are independent of each other and will undertake impartial and objective assessment assuring IPMA of the separation between the training provider and their certification of

Candidates : CBII ensures that the completion of any training will not be a pre-requisite for an Applicant or Candidate wishing to undertake certification.

To remain impartial, CBII will not influence a Candidate’s decision to certify by implying that it would be easier, simpler or cheaper if specific coaching, training or education services are used. CBIl ensures to:

  • be able to demonstrate that all processes performed by CBII are independent of any certification-related education, training or coaching activities;
  • be able to demonstrate that confidentiality, information security and impartiality are not compromised by any contact with certification-related education, training or coaching organisations;
  • not offer education, training or coaching in project, program, or portfolio management to a Candidate; and
    not require a Candidate to complete specific education, training or coaching for certification.